Deutsche Akademie für Digitale Bildung

German Academy of Digital Education

Our Vision

Offering digital university courses in science and engineering to students around the world with a learning experience that excites, stimulates, and makes complex knowledge accessible, through innovative teaching formats – that is our vision.

What we do

DADB, the Deutsche Akademie für Digitale Bildung or German Academy of Digital Education, digitalises higher education in engineering. We strive to make complex, challenging content and expertise internationally accessible.
Our productions are a unique blend of lectures, industrial use cases, expert interviews, animated presentations, 2D and 3D infographics, along with interactive and AR elements, all fully translated into English.
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Learning Experience

  • Theory explained by recognized German university professors
  • Videos featuring practical examples
  • Interview and demo sequences with industry partners and experts
  • Infographics and study notes
  • Quiz questions to check the level of knowledge
  • Deepen your understanding with the help of interactive exercises and Apps
  • Discussions forum and professional networking via our learning platform
  • Live sessions with experts and course instructors.

Advanced Training Opportunities

Supplement your online learning with hands-on training organized by DADB. 


Lab Evaluation Kits and Laboratory Sessions at DADB learning centres at partner institutions in India.


Summer/Winter programmes at renowned German Universities. 


Academic Internships at research institutes and industrial companies in Germany.

Course Structure

This course is structured to run as a semester long course within the DADB’s partner university’s BTech program’s semester curriculum as an elective or value-added course.
The entire course is organized into six modules and its contents are available in different sections. Students can learn the contents in each section during the assigned study period of the corresponding university in accordance with the semester timetable. 

Grading Scheme

DADB follows the traditional German University grading system to grade the overall performance of students. Based on the percentage of score obtained the final grade will be determined. You must score 4.0 or above to pass. 

Total Marks Obtained (%)

Final Grade


90-100 %


very good












insufficient / failed

Technology and Engineering from Germany

We specialise in the digitisation of academic content from the engineering sciences and technology.

Interactive and AR Apps

We create engaging learning experiences with interactive and Augmented Reality elements.

Bridges to industrial stakeholders

We bridge the gab between theory and practice by contributions from experts directly from the industry.

Our Founders

Dr.-Ing. Carsten S. Schröder

Carsten Schröder is an industrial engineer and honorary professor at the International Innovation Center of Hankou University. He has more than 25 years of professional experience in science, technology and innovation management. Due to his former position as founding managing director of acatech - National Academy of Science and Engineering - and his work at the Fraunhofer Institute, he has access to a broad network of outstanding scientists and experts from German academia and industry.

Torsten Herfert

“Education is a basic human right. I am proud to give people in less privileged regions of our world new prospects for their future with DADB and thereby make the world a little better.”
Torsten Herfert is primarily responsible for finance and business development in our company. As a former shareholder and managing director of the Sunotec Group, he has many years of experience in setting up corporate structures and in international business management. He is also a shareholder of DADB through the Five Point Zero Group.

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